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This publication has been produced with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of (Re)discovery of Horses and can in no way reflect the views of the NA and the commission. Project number 2015-1-AT01-KA219-004961_1


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Redisicovery of horses – KA2 - project idea

The basic aim of the project is the development of learning material mainly in English (local languages in addition, if desired) for different age groups (e.g. 6-10, 10-14, 14-18) and subjects (history, ethics, creativity, sciences, economy, foreign languages, geography, health,…) around the topic horses and to put this on an online-platform.

Another aim is intercultural learning and networking among teachers and students.

These strategic partnerships (Erasmus+ - KA2)  function like this that you work on a topic (and development of learning materials is a topic favorized by the EU) and for this you have to meet eg once a semester (a group of students and teachers from each country). In addition there can be learning mobilities of individuals, …

Each partner can contribute different aspects. The material can be worked out be students together with teachers in the respective countries but also during meetings (workshops)

The idea behind was basically a national version: to increase the image and the image of horse-riding among the population and to market a regional but very big exhibition on “man and horse”. This strategic partnership could now enrich this online-platform by a big variety of learning material in English. In Austria there is the tendency of teaching many different subjects in English and this platform would offer material for teachers and multipliers. The side effect would be the promotion of horses as a sector in sports, as a good way for young persons to spend their leisure time, as an economic factor …

We can be the coordinating school and start filling in the application form and share it with all the partners and the partners could correct/add/… but if you prefer, there could also be a meeting here in Lambach to work it out together.

The benefits for the participating schools are the experiences during the meetings. We would like to organise a meeting here in Austria in spring 2016 when this national exhibition will take place. Students profit a lot regarding foreign language skills and creating a European network (they gain European friends). Teachers also gain insight into other school systems and can enjoy visiting each other. For the school it is for sure an increase in image and popularity. This platform with material could represent a valuable contribution for the “horse sector” in Europe.

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